Front-End Engineer

Computers/Software | Boston, MA, United States

As part of a passionate team of software engineers and designers at Safari Books Online, you will be responsible for implementing the front-end of our web-based reading and learning products. You’ll also help discover, prototype, and recommend new features, and have significant ownership of our JavaScript architecture and infrastructure.

Our engineering team is both distributed and collaborative, which means a better workplace if you’re independent and self-motivated. The best candidates will demonstrate a deep understanding of all aspects of responsive front-end development, including usability, progressive enhancement, SEO, analytics, and delighting the user while maintaining security, cross-platform/browser compliance, accessibility, scalability and performance standards. 

Why work for Safari Books Online?
● We value your time and attention. We don’t ask you to give up your life for your job, and we try not to waste your time with unnecessary overhead.
● We’re proud of a proven business model built on real technical learning and professional development. Technologists use our products to make the web better every day.
● We’re committed to helping our employees truly broaden their talents and ambitions. We encourage managers to learn Github and developers to understand our P&L. 
● We welcome diversity and non-traditional paths into the developer profession, and advocate strongly for hiring the right person as opposed to the right combination of tech keywords.

● Build UI features in JavaScript utilizing RESTful JSON APIs
● Maintain and extend existing responsive, progressively enhanced HTML5 web apps 

● Extensive experience with JavaScript and JavaScript libraries, particularly Backbone and jQuery
● Familiarity with concepts from the various JS frameworks such as Spine, Knockout, Ember, Angular, etc. as well as CSS preprocessors (specifically Sass).
● Fluency with HTML5 and CSS3
● Opinionated but open-minded when it comes to JS code conventions
● Experience with version control systems, especially git
● Proven real-world experience with mobile web development
● Experience with testing, particularly JS unit tests and Selenium inside a large JS code-base
● Knowledge of Django and Python is important

Our team is highly distributed and includes engineers who work remotely from Oregon, Maryland, and Colorado; in addition to others who commute into our offices in Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. This position is open to any US resident.