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Research Scientist / Algorithm Design EngineerHaifa, Israel, Israel4/7/2015

United States


Accounts Payable AssociateElmsford, NY, United States4/17/2015
Accounts Payable ManagerRedwood City, CA, United States4/14/2015
Cost AccountantSanta Clara, CA, United States3/18/2015
Director, External Reporting & Technical AccountingRedwood City, CA, United States4/21/2015
Senior Director, of Internal Audit (I/A) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)Santa Clara, CA, United States4/13/2015
Senior Tax AnalystSanta Clara, CA, United States4/15/2015
Sr. Director, ControllerRedwood City, CA, United States4/20/2015
Treasury AnalystSanta Clara, CA, United States4/15/2015


Executive Assistant to the CFO and CHRORedwood City, CA, United States4/15/2015

Business Strategy

Business Manager, Tiny PrintsSanta Clara, CA, United States3/11/2015

Creative Services

Copywriter (Contract)Santa Clara, CA, United States4/21/2015
Copywriter (Wedding Paper Divas)Santa Clara, CA, United States4/6/2015
Print Production DesignerRedwood City, CA, United States2/9/2015

Customer Service

Customer Care ManagerShakopee, MN, United States3/11/2015


Business Data AnalystRedwood City, CA, United States4/20/2015
Data EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States4/13/2015
DevOps EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States3/27/2015
Infrastructure ArchitectPhoenix, AZ, United States4/21/2015
Lead Data Integration EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States4/1/2015
Manager, Web EngineeringSanta Clara, CA, United States4/9/2015
Senior DevOps EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States4/21/2015
Senior Manager, Data WarehouseRedwood City, CA, United States4/14/2015
Senior Program ManagerRedwood City, CA, United States4/20/2015
Senior Software EngineerFort Mill, SC, United States4/8/2015
Senior Software Engineer 2 - Platform ServicesSanta Clara, CA, United States3/5/2015
Senior Software Engineer-Tools and InfrastructureRedwood City, CA, United States4/15/2015
Senior Web EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States4/8/2015
Senior Web Engineer 2Redwood City, CA, United States4/1/2015
Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ, United States3/19/2015
Sr. QA Engineer- ContractorRedwood City, CA, United States4/14/2015
Sr. Software EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States3/9/2015
Sr. Software QA EngineerSanta Clara, CA, United States4/10/2015
Sr. Web EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States4/14/2015
Staff Engineer - Back EndPhoenix, AZ, United States4/1/2015
Staff Engineer – Infrastructure & ToolsPhoenix, AZ, United States3/24/2015
Staff Engineer - Tools and InfrastructureRedwood City, CA, United States4/1/2015
UX DeveloperSanta Clara, CA, United States2/18/2015


Data Decision Manager- ContractorRedwood City, CA, United States4/13/2015
Director, Corporate FinanceRedwood City, CA, United States3/25/2015
Director, Demand PlanningRedwood City, CA, United States4/7/2015
Senior Finance Manager – Enterprise BusinessRedwood City, CA, United States2/24/2015
Senior Manager, Analytics & InsightsRedwood City, CA, United States4/13/2015

General Application

Submit a General ApplicationShutterfly - Other, United States6/19/2012

Human Resources

Human Resources ManagerSanta Clara, CA, United States4/7/2015
Sr. Manager, HRISRedwood City, CA, United States3/30/2015
Talent CoordinatorShakopee, MN, United States4/13/2015

Internet Operations

Information Security EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States3/30/2015
Junior Systems EngineerFort Mill, SC, United States3/13/2015
NOC Engineer- ContractorSanta Clara, CA, United States2/26/2015
Senior DBA (Oracle, MySQL)Redwood City, CA, United States3/20/2015
Senior Infosec AnalystRedwood City, CA, United States3/30/2015
Senior IT Support AdministratorFort Mill, SC, United States3/6/2015
Site Operations EngineerLas Vegas, NV, United States3/17/2015
Sr. Network EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States4/20/2015
Sr. Network Security EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States4/1/2015
Sr. Systems EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States4/6/2015
Sr. Systems EngineerSanta Clara, CA, United States3/9/2015
Systems EngineerElmsford, NY, United States4/17/2015
Systems EngineerRedwood City, CA, United States3/18/2015


Commercial Account Program ManagerShakopee, MN, United States3/23/2015
Equipment TechnicianShakopee, MN, United States4/8/2015
Inkjet Web Press Technician, 2nd ShiftShakopee, MN, United States4/16/2015
Manufacturing Systems EngineerFort Mill, SC, United States3/30/2015
Quality & Lean Operations SpecialistShakopee, MN, United States3/19/2015
Research & Development ManagerFort Mill, SC, United States3/4/2015
Shift Manager- Weekend ShiftShakopee, MN, United States4/8/2015
Warehouse OperatorShakopee, MN, United States3/12/2015


Ad Operations Associate ManagerRedwood City, CA, United States4/14/2015
Affiliate Marketing SpecialistRedwood City, CA, United States3/10/2015
Associate Marketing Manager, Integrated Marketing & InnovationRedwood City, CA, United States4/8/2015
eCommerce Analyst - ShutterflyRedwood City, CA, United States4/2/2015
Manager, Direct MarketingRedwood City, CA, United States1/21/2015
Marketing Manager, Photo Books & MobileRedwood City, CA, United States4/8/2015
SEO DirectorRedwood City, CA, United States4/15/2015
Sr. Marketing Manager - BorrowLensesRedwood City, CA, United States4/16/2015
Vice President, CRMRedwood City, CA, United States4/21/2015


Content Data SpecialistRedwood City, CA, United States2/19/2015
Machine OperatorShakopee, MN, United States3/12/2015
Partner Account ManagerRedwood City, CA, United States4/9/2015


Content Production Designer- ContractorTempe, AZ, United States4/6/2015

Product Management / UX

Lead UX DesignerRedwood City, CA, United States4/16/2015
Senior Visual Designer- ContractorRedwood City, CA, United States1/15/2015
UX Designer - ContractorSanta Clara, CA, United States1/15/2015

Supply Chain

Assistant PlannerPhoenix, AZ, United States4/13/2015


Copywriter InternSanta Clara, CA, United States4/8/2015
Creative Design InternRedwood City, CA, United States3/30/2015
Customer Insights and Analytics InternRedwood City, CA, United States3/30/2015
Data Warehouse InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/1/2015
Design InternRedwood City, CA, United States3/31/2015
eCommerce InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/9/2015
HR InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/3/2015
IT Helpdesk InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/1/2015
IT Systems Engineer InternSanta Clara, CA, United States4/1/2015
Marketing Intern - Social Media and Affiliate MarketingRedwood City, CA, United States3/30/2015
MBA - Integrated Marketing InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/6/2015
MBA - Revenue InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/13/2015
MBA CRM Marketing InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/14/2015
MBA General Management and Customer Strategy Intern - Wedding Paper DivasSanta Clara, CA, United States3/31/2015
MBA Learning & Development InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/12/2015
MBA or PhD - Market Research and Insights InternRedwood City, CA, United States3/30/2015
RQA InternSanta Clara, CA, United States4/10/2015
Software Engineering Intern - Platform Services TeamSanta Clara, CA, United States4/2/2015
Software Lab Engineering InternFort Mill, SC, United States4/1/2015
Tiny Prints Business Unit InternSanta Clara, CA, United States4/9/2015
Tiny Prints Design InternSanta Clara, CA, United States4/8/2015
Web Engineering InternSanta Clara, CA, United States4/1/2015
Web Engineering InternRedwood City, CA, United States4/1/2015
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