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Welcome to Another Source, we have been chosen by the following well respected companies to manage their recruitment process. We are NOT a placement agency.

Another Source is passionate about revolutionizing the recruitment process for our client partners. We do this by offering our clients a choice, defining the timeline, and more importantly, introducing them to the best talent we can find (YOU).

We don’t believe in the “old school” fee for placement recruiting programs. Instead, our flat rate recruitment program takes the pressure off the candidate and frees us up to build a really great candidate pool for our clients and their open position.

Here's how it apply to a position of interest below, if your qualifications are in line with the position, we will give you a call, learn all about YOU and YOUR talents. Then we will share the good, the bad, and the awesome about our client company, giving you the choice to decide if you want to move forward in the interview process. From there, we submit your resume to the client along with all those great things we learned about you. Next, we follow the interview process along from a logistical standpoint but we will let you and our client company decide if you want to get married and work out that arrangement...after all, three's a crowd!

If a particular position isn't a good fit but another position comes up two months from now, don't worry we'll let you know by sending you a Jobvite. We'll want to know if we are on the right track with our insights, so please respond. Our ears are always open so call us if your career objectives change!

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We really do respect your time, your talent, and your choice in what finding a career fit that's right for you.

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