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Do you wake up every morning and check your favorite financial blogs before checking if the kids ate all the Froot Loops? Does your heartbeat quicken when you see that your issue of theJournal of Financial Planning has arrived in the mail? Does your heart sink when you hear another story about conflicted brokers passing themselves off as financial planners when they’re really just salesmen peddling products? Do friends and family come to you for financial advice, and then afterward say, “Wow, I’ve never heard that explained so well. I finally understand what I should do. Here, take this pie I baked in your honor.”

If so, then consider joining an incipient band of Fools that is striving to disrupt the Financial “Advice” Industrial Complex for the good of all America.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Analyze a member’s portfolio, risk tolerance, and overall financial picture to determine an appropriate asset allocation
  • Provide a comprehensive financial plan with all the fixings: retirement calculations, account maximization, (legal) tax reduction, estate-planning inventory, risk-management assessment, cash-flow and debt analysis, etc.
  • Provide outstanding real-time financial planning with members as you discuss their current financial situations, ask the right questions, and provide appropriate advice on the spot
  • Answer a full range of questions in person, over the phone, via email, and on discussion boards – and make it smart and snappy
  • Perform research as assigned, to be used in the advice we provide as well as the articles written by you or other Fools
  • Master off-the-shelf and homemade software, with an eye toward improving both as much as possible
  • Contribute to, and occasionally lead, our continuing education program
  • Work with the team to increase efficiency and efficacy – getting as much done as possible, while improving our ability to provide A-plus advice and work with members to put it into action.

Core Competencies and Requirements:

  • CFP, CFA, or PFS designation (tax and/or estate planning specialization a plus)
  • Extraordinary written and verbal communications skills that would make every one of your former teachers proudly tell people, “Yeah, I taught that kid.”
  • A facility for discussing the general characteristics of individual stocks (a thorough understanding of each company is not necessary)
  • An insatiable desire to be among the best financial planners on the planet, and  perhaps also Venus or Mars (depending on your gender and climate preferences)
  • A hunger to consume the most current research and strategies related to financial planning, and an eagerness to teach them to readers, members, and colleagues
  • A yen for innovation
  • A mission to make lives better
Position is full-time, in-house, in Alexandria, Virginia.  We will not consider a work-from-home scenario.  We want you to be a part of our amazing culture! 

The Motley Fool, Inc. provides equal opportunity to all employees on the basis of individual performance and qualification without regard to race, sex, marital status, religion, color, age, national origin, non-job-related handicap or disability, sexual orientation, or other protected factor.
We should, however, make you aware that there is one notable exception to this policy. It is our strict and earnest intention — and the company’s historical record will bear this out — we will never hire any of the following: robots, replicants, or morlocks. Now keep in mind we are well aware that all of the aforementioned have intentions of world domination in the future, but as of now we have no place for them at The Motley Fool … unless the year is 2122 and the revolution has already occurred. If that is the case we welcome our new robot, replicant, or morlock rulers!!! Perhaps we have said too much?

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