Mobile Engineers
Engineering | Redwood City, CA, United States

Shopkick is looking for really smart mobile engineers to build out epic features and solve very hard problems!
About us! 
Shopkick helps consumers discover great deals and earn in-store rewards at over 270,000 major retail locations, making it the indispensable mobile shopping companion for over 10M users and the most-used in-store shopping app in the US (Nielsen data). Since launching in 2010, we have partnered with top retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, and Target, and with over 150 brands like P&G, Unilever, and L’Oreal to help them connect and engage in-store with our users. We have driven over $1 billion in sales for our partners! In addition to our consumer app, we are the leading player in beacon marketing solutions, with our shopBeacon technology deployed in over 10,000 store locations in the US and Germany. In 2014, shopkick was acquired by SK Telecom, inc. This exciting merger will supercharge shopkick’s US and global expansion and help us achieve our vision to become the world's premiere mobile shopping companion. 
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shopkick users have earned $25M in rewards, scanned 70M products, and viewed 4B offers
  • Design and implement client code for location-based services on smart phones
  • Coordinate with server-side engineers to design efficient, flexible APIs

  • Guru of all things mobile. You are the one everyone comes to for advice about Objective C or how to get the physics of the accelerometer right. You care about these devices, so you have written code for several platforms, even though you didn’t really have to
  • You know when data should be stored locally and how to do it. You also understand when a server is needed, and you can write that code too
  • You have written code for interacting with the analog world – GPS, accelerometer, voice analysis, imaging, magnetometer, it doesn’t really matter. The point is that you think about the way devices interact with the world we live in
  • You have a good sense of how people want to use mobile technology, and what will and won’t work
  • If you have experience with back-end web engineering, so much the better. It may not be your primary responsibility, but it’s great perspective

  • At least two years’ experience writing software for major mobile platforms (iPhone, RIM, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, etc.)
  • Some iPhone and/or Android development experience, preferably with applications in the app store
  • Strong sense of usability and passion for user interface
  • BSCS or MSCS
  • Experience with location-based services, GPS, etc. preferred
  • Experience with multiple mobile platforms preferred
  • Experience writing server-side code in a modern language (e.g. Python, Ruby), and interest in server-side development, strongly preferred