Data Engineers
Engineering | Redwood City, CA, United States

The Data Engineer leads shopkick’s data collection and warehousing efforts. S/he owns the design and implementation of a data warehouse to store mobile usage, web site, and operational data, gathering data into the warehouse, and analysis of the data. The Data Engineer is an interdisciplinary individual who works closely with many stakeholders to ensure that the data most important to analyzing and improving shopkick’s operations is accessible and well-understood.
About us!
Shopkick helps consumers discover great deals and earn in-store rewards at over 270,000 major retail locations, making it the indispensable mobile shopping companion for over 10M users and the most-used in-store shopping app in the US (Nielsen data). Since launching in 2010, we have partnered with top retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, and Target, and with over 150 brands like P&G, Unilever, and L’Oreal to help them connect and engage in-store with our users. We have driven over $1 billion in sales for our partners! In addition to our consumer app, we are the leading player in beacon marketing solutions, with our shopBeacon technology deployed in over 10,000 store locations in the US and Germany. In 2014, shopkick was acquired by SK Telecom, inc. This exciting merger will supercharge shopkick’s US and global expansion and help us achieve our vision to become the world's premiere mobile shopping companion. 
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shopkick users have earned $25M in rewards, scanned 70M products, and viewed 4B offers
Role & Responsibilities:
  • Design data warehouse and datamarts.
  • Work with product teams to ensure that the requisite data is recorded, and to extract data incrementally from its sources.
  • Work with business owners to identity and provide key metrics.
  • Create ETL processes and ensure that data is properly stored.
  • Design queries and analytic processes.
  • Write/deploy web-based reporting tools allowing stakeholders to access data.
  • Provide regular reports to company stakeholders.
  • You have a “feel” for numbers, and a passion for achieving a quantitative understanding of complex interactions.
  • You have a strong, detailed understanding of business requirements – numbers mean something to you.
  • You apply a great deal of creativity to presenting complex quantitative information in a way that brings insights to the fore.
  • You’re open to using unconventional tools and approaches. It doesn’t faze you that some data might come from a traditional SQL database, while other data might come from log files analyzed using Hadoop, or from third-party tools. You’re smart about using what is available, but able to roll your own.
  • 5+ years of experience in engineering; BS CS/MIS or equivalent.
  • Good working understanding of statistics.
  • Deep experience in star schema design, ETL, and extracting data from obscure sources; expert-level knowledge of SQL.
  • Experience with analysis package(s) and practices.
  • Experience with large-scale web site analysis and/or advertising optimization strongly preferred.
  • Experience working with open source software tools and stacks preferred.
  • Experience with Map/Reduce framework(s) preferred.
  • Expertise in Python is a plus.