Software Engineer
Engineering | New York City, NY, United States

Software Engineer | Venmo

About us:

At Venmo, we’re building products that make payments easier—so easy that they fade into the background, making entirely new kinds of interactions possible. Our mobile apps capture the stories and experiences of our loyal user base, whose shared payments can be seen updating every second on our global feed.

We're also in a unique position to greatly impact how customers and merchants interact. The product teams at Venmo are working together with Braintree, our parent company, to power checkout and payments for thousands of popular online destinations, stores, and services. Our joint offering, Venmo Touch gives our users one touch purchasing within apps, eliminating the need to retype your credit card number inside each app you download. And our new Developer API enables businesses to pay any email address or phone number along with a personalized note that becomes part of our global feed.

Engineering at Venmo:

We're passionate about building exceptional products that improve our users’ lives and connect them with others. We view engineering as a craft, and want the internals of our software to be as elegant as the end user experience we are designing.



  • Scaling our architecture to support heavy growth while keeping the Venmo service fast and reliable.
  • Developing robust and interesting features for the payments platform, like multi-user payments or integrating pictures with payments.
  • Creating a risk-estimation and fraud-prevention engine, which might include sophisticated machine-learning techniques to help identify suspicious transactions.
  • Building our new mobile SDK and APIs to enable a frictionless checkout experience for thousands of merchants.


  • Degree in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience).
  • Experience working on a large object-oriented code base.
  • Candidate should have a firm grasp of typical web & mobile app stacks.
  • Candidate should demonstrate interest in working with new technologies & tools.
  • The know-how and discipline to test your own code.