Software Engineer
Engineering | Chicago, IL, United States

About Us:

At Braintree, we’re building products that make payments easier—so easy that they fade into the background, making entirely new kinds of interactions possible. Our full-stack payment platform lets companies build their own experiences and then scale their businesses around the globe. We have developer friendly APIs built to integrate with various platforms - Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Node.js and .NET - and we also have SDKs for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Our technology fuels companies like Github, 37Signals, Uber, Airbnb, OpenTable. Heroku and more.

We're also in a unique position to greatly impact how merchants and customers interact. The product teams at Braintree work together with Venmo, the mobile payments company we acquired in 2012. Our joint offering, Venmo Touch, gives our users one touch purchasing within apps, eliminating the need to retype your credit card number inside each app you download. Recently acquired by PayPal, we're now in an even greater position to change the way people pay.

Our software development team has serious developer cred and folks have noticed:

As a software developer you’ll face interesting and challenging problems as we take our software to the next level of scale and sustainability.


  • Develop software specific to any number of features/functions of our product

  • Collaborate constantly in a pair programming environment

  • Agile Agile Agile Software development.

  • Work toward a product roadmap that allows our developers to go where their interests take them. Just because you start with work on one feature/function doesn’t mean you’ll be on that team forever. You go where it interests you and we seek to assist in your exploration.


  • Solid programming foundation; expect to spend a significant amount of time writing code.

  • Working knowledge of one or several object-oriented or functional programming languages.

  • 1-10+ years experience developing software.

Other things to know about us:

We’re polygots. We write most of our software in Ruby but don’t confine ourselves to using a single programming language. We use the best tool for whatever task is at hand. We pair program. We like object oriented programming. We test, obsessively. When we say we’re an agile software development environment, we mean it.  We’re pragmatic, not dogmatic, and we value our people.

Take a look at some of our blog posts to see some of the problems we face:

Take a peek at some of the code we have on github: