PHP Web Developer - Social Media & Mobile
Computers/Software | St Louis, MO, United States

This is a mid to senior level position building and maintaining our numerous high traffic Facebook apps. You would be part of a team responsible for writing backend php / mysql, and frontend html / css / javascript. We are a very agile team doing incremental deploys multiple times a day. Your code will impact millions of users and you will also be able to monitor how your code impacts revenue for the company.

About you:

Follow industry leader blogs and twitter feeds to stay current with new techniques and technologies at your disposal as a developer. Are a fast learner and can pickup new things quickly, be it a technique, framework, or language. May or may not have worked on a high traffic site yet, but the idea of doing so excites you rather than intimidates you.

Required Skills:

  • jQuery
  • HTML - tableless
  • CSS - above average (we don’t support IE6)
  • OOP experience - common design patterns: Singleton, Factory, MVC, etc
  • MVC framework experience

Preferred Skills:

  • LAMP development experience
  • Above average javascript knowledge
  • Social media aware (have an active facebook / twitter / google+ account)

Bonus Skills:

  • Facebook app or api experience
  • High traffic experience and optimization for it
  • Good debugging skills
  • Js mvc experience (backbone.js)
  • Experience with some 'html5' aspects like local storage and pushstate
  • jQuery plugin or javascript library authoring
  • Can come up with interesting product ideas (we're always looking for new app ideas)
  • Have a good UX/UI sense
  • Have used media queries to create responsive layouts
  • Contribute to open source projects
  • Native mobile experience (iOS, Android)®, The World’s Leading Q&A Site, the world's leading destination for Q&A content, is seeking a world-class “Web Development Engineer” ideally be responsible for developing for high traffic websites (100 million visitors +), developing Top 10 Facebook applications, working with huge datasets, solving critical and complex issues by the minute, and working with a set of technology brains similar to Google. Even better, you can instantly impact millions of users, and see how your code immediately creates revenue.

Here's our story; we are a comScore Top 20 website offering 150 Million monthly visitors a one-stop shop for integrated media across desktop, mobile and social media platforms. Backed by a proven business model, 29 quarters of profit, and the top private equity firms in the USA (Summit Partners & TA Associates), Answers' has become the world's top destination for Q&A content, delivering 15 Billion+ trusted answers to all life’s question’s. Additionally, we’ve leapfrogged Netflix, ESPN, FOX, Yelp, Disney & Twitter in online visitors.

Secret of our success? A world-class team of web technology enthusiasts coming from top Universities such as Stanford, Cornell, UC Berkeley, MIT and Carnegie Mellon, as well as a management team from Google, eBay, Yahoo, NetFlix and Microsoft.

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