Operations | Brooklyn, NY, United States

Etsy is seeking a MySQL DBA to join our Ops team. The ideal candidate moves quickly and would appear to have three arms at a first glance. As Etsy grows, the technical infrastructure needs to keep up. The MySQL DBA and the Ops team are tasked with making that happen. This is a full-time position in our Brooklyn headquarters.
About the Team
The Etsy Ops team is a fluid and dynamic group. We work tightly with all of the development groups to bring a 'full-stack' perspective on how the application and infrastructure are working together to provide availability and performance while still allowing for the great amount of change we want. The team strives for situational awareness; we know that failure happens, and sometimes we even cause them to happen on purpose. Being nice is a requirement. You will likely learn more about collaboration at Etsy than you have anywhere else.  The current team has bow hunters, marathon runners, and an award-winning sound engineer on it.
About the Job

  • Work with developers on performance tuning, query optimization, index tuning.
  • Monitor databases for problems and to diagnose where those problems are.
  • Work with senior engineers to maintain a scalable, reliable, and robust database environment.
  • Build database tools and scripts to automate where warranted.
  • Lead ownership of the MySQL databases for production and development.
  • Provide 24x7 escalated on-call support on a pager rotation.

About You
You like working with a team, knowing that efficiency and thoroughness trade-offs happen every day. You crave collaboration with application developers and operations alike. 
You will be successful in this role if you:

  • You've seen a good deal of action scaling the data layers of a growing social application.
  • Denormalization doesn't offend or scare you. 
  • You don't believe there's only OneTrueWay™ of database administration. 
  • You don't believe that all data has the same requirements of consistency, availability, and partition-tolerance.
  •  You don't fear changing production. 

What’s Next

If you're interested in joining the team, please send us your resume and work samples. You won’t be surprised to hear, though, that we won’t consider them without a cover letter. Let us know how you fit the bill for each of our requirements above. Etsy is a place that values individuality and variety, so use your judgment and write to us in your own voice. If you practice a craft, curate a blog, or contribute to an open source project, we’d love to hear about it.