Senior Systems Engineer
Engineering | San Francisco, CA, United States

Our nascent Operations team is poised and ready to provide the infrastructure and tools needed to deliver RiskIQ’s next-generation Internet and mobile security products. As a Systems Engineer you will be closely aligned beside our other growing engineering teams:

  • Research: Our Research Team is comprised of top security analysts and threat-intelligence professionals, who have joined RiskIQ to evangelize our revolutionary products and our approach to security as a practice
  • Software Engineering: RiskIQ’s draws top-notch software engineers to our team, tackling the big data challenges of search, discovery, analysis and correlation of security events on the open Internet at scale.

Our Operations team functions as a “DevOps” team, tightly coupled and integrated with the culture, tools, practices and patterns of the rest of our Engineering team.   There are no walls nor barriers between our systems, software, mobile, data science or research engineers. The Operations team will not only “keep the lights on” for our systems and networks, but also empower our other engineers with cutting edge tools and capabilities to bring RiskIQ’s products to market as quickly as possible.

Qualities that appeal to us

  • We're looking for employees who are capable of learning and can figure things out for themselves.  Mentorship is available, but you will often be on your own.  Self-motivated, organized, independent  - these are key descriptors that you should ascribe to yourself.
  • Systems / network / data center operations skills are nuanced and idiosyncratic, and we value Systems Engineers who have “been there, done that” with lots of raw experience… That said, raw talent trumps experience: if you can demonstrate the ability and aptitude, we'll consider you.  
  • We need curious and creative problem solvers. The journey to the solution is often more important than the solution itself. That said, we need people who Get Things Done within scope and on-time.
  • We expect excellent verbal and written communication skills. Miscommunication can be just as costly as poor design decisions.
  • Humility and candor.   Operations can be bumpy and mistakes can be costly.       You must be able to operate “transparently”, learn from mistakes, and actively collaborate with your peers and embrace a team-centric approach to delivery. 

Your responsibilities will include

  • Hands-on administration for every component within our operating environment, including:
    • Physical Data Center
    • AWS and/or GCE
    • DevOps tool building
    • Centos & Ubuntu Linux servers
    • MySQL
    • Cassandra
    • Firewalls, routers, load-balancers, switches, tunnels and proxies
    • ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK), and Lucene/Solr
    • Monitoring of all flavors: graphing, time series, traditional (Graphite, Nagios, et al)
    • Virtualization – Xen, KVM and OpenStack
    • The typical Core Services of DNS, DHCP, NTP, etc
    • Git source control of DevOps code and configurations
    • Puppet, Cobbler, and configuration management
  • Analyzing, designing, developing, and testing of your projects to meet deadlines and exacting standards.
    • Breaking down “big picture” tasks and projects into manageable activities, measured on daily and weekly scales
    • Communicating your approach and rationale, and thoroughly documenting the artifacts of your labor
  • Partnering with our Product, Research, and Engineering teams to design, deliver, and scale solutions to meet business needs. 


  • 5-10 years of hands-on Linux Systems administration experience
  • Significant exposure to hands-on Network administration, ie actually building and implementing network components to meet new requirements
  • Strong shell programming capability, or the ability to proficiently control Linux via Python or Ruby
  • Significant experience with viewing “infrastructure as code” and managing data centers and whole stack deployments as software-like configurations using source control, automations frameworks and cloud-centric methodologies.

Other Valued Skills:

  • MySQL administration experience
  • Security administration experience
  • Other software engineering skills and backgrounds, but a desire to focus on more “DevOps” and operations challenges