Software Engineer (Data)
Engineering | Los Angeles, CA, United States

We're looking for a fast-working multi-tasker with good attention to detail that has both experience with and passion for large data.
  • Research and analyze data on the web.
  • Evaluate and judge algorithmically generated data and assess data quality.
  • Curate data schemas.
  • Aggregate, clean, and merge data.
  • Generate, maintain, and operate the curation software and scripts.
  • Find and follow URL patterns using regular expressions.
  • Author CSS and XPath selectors.
  • Write automation scripts.
The Ideal Candidate Would:
  • Have a degree in engineering, science, or linguistics.
  • Be eager to learn new tools and skills related to data and scripting.
  • Be able to propose out-of-the-box strategies based on insights about data.
Desired Skills (at least three of the following):
  • Proficient in a language such as C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl.
  • Linux/bash scripting.
  • SQL and/or Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) frameworks.
  • HTML DOM/XPath and/or Regular expressions.
  • Speaks multiple languages.
  • Experience with data curation.
  • Linguistics research.
  • Project management.
Cover letters (creative and personalized) will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!