iOS Engineer
Engineering | Los Angeles, CA, United States


  • Ship production-grade mobile apps and games used by millions of people
  • Create gaming frameworks and UI elements in objective-C
  • Work cross functionally with design teams, product management teams, and gaming development teams to create seamless and beautiful experiences for users
  • Join a team that creates chart-topping applications that garner tens of millions of downloads and are regularly rated in the 4.5+ star category. Our native teams are small and the products they create are huge, worldwide successes. You can own the success of a product and benefit from it as an equity holder, and reach an incredibly robust audience who is waiting for the next Scopely release. 
  • Develop Scopely's partner API/SDK to enable quick and easy integration for upcoming partner titles
  • Architect and design future solutions to be used across multiple apps and releases


  • Strong understanding of mobile networking best practices: request limiting, request caching, batching, content aggregation, minification, integrating with rest and tcp/udp services, etc.
  • Expert performance profiler: understands the importance of optimizing for speed, memory usage and end-user responsiveness
  • Comfortable using asynchronous, multi-threaded, parallel programming paradigms and other techniques to maximize UI responsiveness
  • You know how to make the unthinkable happen: long data lists and thousands of images don’t scare you, animations are cake
  • You know all the APIs inside and out and your knowledge of obscure parameters scares authors of technical books
  • You’re a pro. You have at least one app in the app store(s).
  • Free games. We need engineers that have a finger on the pulse of the market - and what better way to ensure that awareness than to give them all the games their hearts desire
  • You understand the nuances and quirks of UIKit. You’re collected in the face of collection views, you get animated when you talk about CALayer, and you can whip up innovative visual effects in a blur

What makes you a rock star?

  • Familiarity with Swift
  • Have launched an iOS game title
  • Familiar with CoCo, Unity or SpriteKit/SceneKit