Senior File System Engineer / Architect
Engineering- Development | Mountain View, CA, United States

This position is for a world-class senior file system / storage professional with excellent development skills.  We’re looking for an industry leader, someone with proven technical leadership in designing, architecting, and implementing major file system features.  As a technical leader you will have the big picture understanding of the entire system, excellent hands-on development skills, and ability to convey complex technical issues to executives.

The ideal candidate will work as a leader in a fast-paced experienced team developing new features and enhancing existing components: (snapshots, clones, compression, dedup, log structured filesystem, etc.). As a senior technical leader you will be directly responsible for the success of major features as well as consulting with engineers about architecture and leading by example.
• Provide architectural and technical leadership to the team.
• Mentor software engineers. Role model for new-grad engineers to aspire to.
• Develop long-range engineering goals in order to achieve product specific features.
• Expected to set technical direction by weighing industry trends, competitive information, and requirements.
• Successfully balance multiple projects and assignments across cross-functional teams.
• Understands the impact of a software design and the effects on overall system performance and scalability.
• In-depth knowledge of Linux kernel and Virtualization
• 8+ years of system level development experience.
• Strong development skills in C, C++, and Python