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Working at Prezi is...

... simply fantastic. We all really enjoy it. A good blend of research, innovation, startup-feel, business-pace, premier design and community.

In times where most companies shrink, we are fortunate enough to grow. There might be various opportunities for you at Prezi.

How we see ourselves
  • * We don't follow trends - we learn about culture and respond with technology and design.
  • * We help people to communicate. To tell stories. In many ways, we set people free from slides.
  • * True social responsibility is at the core of our values.
  • * We are structured - but we peer produce as well.


Please browse the links on the top. If you don't find a position opening in your area of expertise but you know you can help our team, don't hesitate to submit your General application (see Job seeker tools link on the right).

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