Fox Business Network
Freelance Assignment Editor New York, NY
Freelance Graphic Artist – Fox Business Network New York, NY
Photoshop Artist New York, NY
Producer , The Independents New York, NY
Fox News Channel
A1 Washington DC, DC
AIX Administrator New York, NY
Assignment Editor New York, NY
Assignment Editor New York, NY
Assignment Editor Washington DC, DC
Associate Producer / Writer, Daytime New York, NY
Associate Producer, #MediaBuzz Washington DC, DC
Associate Producer, ANHQ Washington DC, DC
Associate Producer, DC New York, NY
Booker, America’s Newsroom New York, NY
Broadcast Maintenance Engineer Washington DC, DC
Commercial Operations Administrator – FNC International Logs
Control Room Graphics Operator Washington DC, DC
Field Producer, Miami Miami, FL
Field Technician Washington DC, DC
Freelance Acquisitions Operator New York, NY
Freelance Associate Producer, DC Washington DC, DC
Freelance Camera Operator Washington DC, DC
Freelance Camera Operator
Freelance Director Washington DC, DC
Freelance Editor Washington DC, DC
Freelance Photoshop Artist, Fox News Graphics New York, NY
Freelance Transmission Operator Washington DC, DC
Help Desk Analyst Washington DC, DC
Information Graphics Writer New York, NY
Junior Accountant New York, NY
Justice and National Security Producer Washington DC, DC
Linux Administrator New York, NY
Overnight Desk Assistant New York, NY
Producer Washington DC, DC
Production Assistant, Media Desk New York, NY
Senior Engineer, Master Control and Program Distribution
Senior Producer, America’s News Headquarters and MediaBuzz Washington DC, DC
Social Media Producer New York, NY
Social Media Producer Washington DC, DC
Stage Manager Washington DC, DC
Stage Technician
Technical Director Washington DC, DC
Technical Manager New York, NY
Fox News Channel University
College Associate D.C. - Fall 2014 Washington DC, DC
College Associate New York - Fall 2014 New York, NY
Fox News Radio
Assignment Editor, Fox News Radio New York, NY
Freelance Audio Newsgatherer New York, NY
Freelance Radio News Anchor
Freelance Radio Shift Editor
Radio Shift Editor New York, NY
Web Reporter,
Audience Development Manager New York, NY
Digital Product Manager New York, NY
JavaScript Developer New York, NY
Junior Web Video Producer
News Editor (Late Night Shift) Los Angeles, CA
PHP Developer New York, NY
Traffic Specialist New York, NY
Web Designer New York, NY
Web News Editor/Writer, Health section