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Web Developer at LinkedIn

Product Management | Mountain View, CA, United States

Do you dream in markup? As soon as you finish a project, do you step back and think, 'Now, how can I make this better?' We've been waiting for you.

LinkedIn is looking for smart, sociable and responsible web developers who are eager to tackle the challenges of a rapidly growing web application with tens of millions of daily visitors. We want to hire dedicated and conscientious people to build rich, dynamic client-side interfaces using Javascript, while leveraging new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, and server-side technologies like Scala, Dust and Play..

Check out our Linkedin Labs page which showcases products built on what we call 'inDay' each month. inDay is an innovation day where LinkedIn employees have no meetings and are encouraged to work on something not already on the roadmap to keep creative juices flowing. Here is a quick video to explain more about inDay:
And to see the products created on inDay check out our labs:

Position Responsibility:

You will own the front-end development for one or more of our products and collaborate with visual/interaction designers, engineers, and product managers to launch new products, iterate on existing features, and build a world-class user experience.

You will implement cutting-edge technologies and will be writing state-of-the-art code to keep LinkedIn at the cutting edge of current technology

Your specific expertise will be required to make efficient use of A/B testing frameworks, fast page load times, and efficient UI development. 

Meet with colleagues including product managers and engineers assigned to your project(s).

Position Requirements: 

Minimum 3+ years experience with semantic HTML/XHTML and CSS

Experience writing clean, unobtrusive Javascript/AJAX including experience with common libraries (YUI, jQuery, etc) and debugging tools (Firebug, etc.)

An encyclopedic knowledge of browser quirks and their remedies

Knowledge of (and a passion for) current trends and best practices in front-end architecture, including performance, accessibility and usability

Familiarity and comfort with command-line applications

Bachelors degree or equivalent experience required