SCADA Technician

Field Operations | Baker, MT

Job Title: SCADA Technician
Department: Northern Region Production Department

This position will be responsible for programming the field SCADA system in Baker, MT.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Work towards our goal of zero safety incidents for self, other CLR employees and contractors.
  • Work towards our goal of having no spills.
  • Program PLC’s for facilities and wells and assist with associated activities, such as procurement, installation, and monitoring.
  • Build interfaces between data gathered from end devices in the field and PC monitors.
  • Develop software to allow field equipment to run at optimum conditions.
  • Coordinate the design, programming, installation, activation, expansion, and maintenance of the SCADA system with the Baker employees.
  • Ensure equipment and control logic meets the needs to work safely, reduce spills, and increase earnings.
  • Help serve as liaison between the CLR employees and SCADA contractors.
  • Help troubleshoot data and connectivity issues at wells and facilities.
  • Set up and initiate XSPOC on producing and injection wells.
  • Develop reports, as needed, to communicate field equipment conditions.
  • Liaise with Northern Operations SCADA Project Manager for SCADA training.
  • Interface with IT Department on matters such as computer systems, operations, repair, and maintenance.
Education and/or Experience:
High School diploma or GED required. Experience with field operations of SCADA systems is required. Must have experience programming SCADA systems, as well as Microsoft software such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

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