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Associate Control Systems Engineer - River Consulting

Engineering | Columbus, OH, United States

POSITION TITLE: Associate Control Systems Engineer

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology


Job Summary:

The Associate Control Systems Engineer is responsible for assisting in the development of technical deliverables required for industrial control systems. This position is responsible for assisting in the development of control schematics, control and I/O panels, control system narrative, PLC and HMI programming, as well as field start-up commissioning.  This position is responsible for working with the Control Systems Engineer on the overall control system.

Core Values:

Our Core Values describe what our clients have said they value in us, and what we have said that we value in each other.  They are attributes that describe us when we are performing at our best, and capture the values that make us unique and drive our success.  When we are at our best, we are: Technical, Dependable, Honest, Helpful, Professional, Adaptable, Innovative, Devoted, Insightful, and Proactive.

Core Competencies:

  • Attention to detail, committed to quality
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-starter and takes initiative to learn
  • Able to identify and analyze problems and identify solutions
  • Gain understanding of electrical engineering practices and processes
  • Gain experience with instrumentation and control systems
  • Gain experience in the design of industrial control and I/O panels 
  • Gain experience developing control system equipment specifications and selecting equipment
  • Gain experience in the design of communication networks
  • Gain experience developing control system narratives and description
  • Gain experience developing PLC programs from start to finish utilizing Rockwell software
  • Gain experience developing HMI applications from start to finish utilizing Rockwell, Factory Talk or Wonderware
  • Gain experience in bulk or liquid material handling, natural gas, food processing, oil and gas, or power industries
  • Gain experience executing Factory and Software Acceptance testing
  • Gain experience with on-site commissioning, including hardware set-up, instrument calibration, electrical circuit troubleshooting, and network set-up
  • Attain EIT and work towards PE
  • Candidates must have a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with clients, co-workers and management
  • Know and understand the scope of work, design criteria, and project standards
  • Responsible for assisting with the completion of technical portions of a project, and specific design tasks
  • Responsible for assisting in the preparation of control system design documents including schematics, I/O lists, panel designs, control narratives, programs and commissioning plans
  • Responsible for all major calculations that impact other disciplines and areas of a project
  • Review work with the Engineer of record
  • Interface with Electrical Project Engineer to obtain necessary information in a timely manner
  • Proactively communicate any concerns, problems, or technical decisions that impact the project to the Electrical Project Engineer
  • Document and maintain all communication that impacts technical decisions
  • Participate in weekly meetings as requested to verify scope and information
  • Check work received from Designers/Drafters for correctness and quality
  • Verify that work meets River and/or project standards
  • Verify Designers/Drafters working under Engineer are following QA/QC standards
  • Assist with and participate in FAT, SAT and on-site commissioning and operator training
  • Ensure all engineering tasks are on budget and on schedule