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Senior Project Manager (Material Handling) - River Consulting

Engineering | Columbus, OH, United States

POSITION TITLE: Senior Project Manager- Material Handling

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Bachelor of Science in Engineering


Job Summary:

The Senior Project Manager in material handling and conveyor systems is responsible for project budget, schedule and assuring quality. The Senior PM works with the Project Engineer and individual teams to manage and coordinate the technical deliverables required for bulk material handling systems including supporting discipline engineering as well as managing the project communications, schedule and budget for the project. This position is responsible for managing the development of the overall system design including assuring that the proper sequence of engineering is followed for the projects.  The PM, will be the primary contact with the client on the project.  The PM is responsible for working with the design team to deliver a quality product as well as maintain schedule and achieve overall financial success for the project and client. The Senior Project Manager in material handling will have worked in the design of this equipment for industries in the grain, cement, coal, fertilizer, aggregates or other bulk commodities.


Core Values:

Our Core Values describe what our clients have said they value in us, and what we have said that we value in each other.  They are attributes that describe us when we are performing at our best, and capture the values that make us unique and drive our success.  When we are at our best, we are: Technical, Dependable, Honest, Helpful, Professional, Adaptable, Innovative, Devoted, Insightful, and Proactive.

Core Competencies:

  • Strong understanding of the overall project engineering process
  • Demonstrated experience in the overall design of bulk material handling systems
  • Demonstrated experience managing multiple disciplines including mechanical, structural, electrical and control systems.
  • General understanding of individual discipline design criteria and key information requirements for each engineering discipline
  • Demonstrated experience with overseeing engineering activities in conjunction with procurement and construction activities
  • Demonstrated experience interfacing with permitting agencies and developing a permit drawing set
  • Demonstrated experience working with clients to develop a jointly approved set of basic engineering documents
  • Demonstrated experience understanding the overall sequence of procurement and construction of large scale industrial projects
  • Demonstrated experience with managing individual discipline quantities for design efficiency
  • Demonstrated experience following quality assurance and control procedures
  • General understanding of IBC, UBC, AISC, MSHA, OSHA and NFPA
  • Demonstrated experience performing construction cost estimates for industrial installations including quantity development
  • Demonstrated experience with the interpretation of local building codes
  • Demonstrated experience with PMI techniques including earned value management and critical path scheduling
  • Demonstrated experience developing key performance indicators for the project
  • Demonstrated experience developing engineering scopes of work and execution schedules as well work breakdowns schedules
  • Demonstrated experience in planning both engineering and construction activities
  • Demonstrated experience in resource management including detailed work plans
  • Demonstrated experience in the negotiating change orders
  • Demonstrated experience leading both technical and commercial meetings
  • Demonstrated experience working within a consulting engineering or construction firm
  • Demonstrated experience managing and working with vendors, sub-consultants and construction contractors
  • Active PE license with the ability to be licensed in multiple states and active PMP license
  • Demonstrated experience in one of the following bulk material handling industries; grain, cement, coal, fertilizer, aggregates or other bulk commodities transported within a distribution terminal, plant or mine
  • Candidates must have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or equivalent experience

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with clients, co-workers and management
  • Manage and oversee project completion within hours and fee schedule set in terms of the contract
  • Set, monitor, and manage hours expended by teams relative to work product and deliverables
  • Manage schedule and milestones for deliverables
  • Communicate changes to client and manage change orders
  • Review and approve monthly invoices
  • Monitor and maintain proper payment of invoices by client- Accounts Receivable
  • Responsible for reporting progress and budget to upper management and client
  • Maintain broad project technical understanding
  • Monitor overall technical progress relative to contract
  • Work in conjunction with the PE to manage and communicate client expectations within terms of contract
  • Assist PE in developing the project cost and schedules
  • Responsible for maintaining the budget, schedule, and project controls
  • Manage the daily relationship with the client for the project team
  • Responsible for communicating project budget, schedule, progress, and personnel and scope changes with the client
  • Communicate client feedback to the PE and Design Teams
  • Advocate for PE and Design Teams with client
  • Maintain and communicate the project organization and communication chart
  • Attend the PE’s weekly technical meetings and provide information on all changes to the project, schedule, personnel or scope to the project team
  • Responsible for overall quality assurance on project