DevOps Engineer

Engineering | San Francisco, CA, United States

We believe operations should be tightly integrated into the engineering and product flow.  As a devops engineer at Sharethrough, you will work on AWS-based infrastructure tackling operations challenges ranging from designing the infrastructure and automation necessary to facilitate the development of fault-tolerant micro-services, stream analytics and Hadoop ETL pipelines.  As a fully functioning members of the engineering team you will also be shipping production code.

Let’s talk if..

  • You automate more processes by lunch than most do all year; Puppet/Chef are like a second language.

  • You have (or would like to gain!) experience with big data processing systems and infrastructure - Hadoop, Mesos, Spark, Scalding, Azkaban, Hive, etc.

  • You derive deep satisfaction from participating in the problem definition and solution process with a diverse group from around the company.