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Community Assistant - Red Mile Village

Part Time - Community Assistant Opportunities | Lexington, KY, United States

Summary: The Community Assistant provides service to our residents and make sure they have a quality living experience. CAs/RAs must be outgoing and capable of accompanying prospective residents to model apartments and leasing to future prospects and renewing current residents. Must be able to meet specific sales goals weekly and monthly in both leases and renewals which are set by the GM & Regional. CAs/RAs plan events and activities based on the needs and interests of residents. 

Representative Duties/Responsibilities (subject to revision, reduction and/or increase):
ML Marketing & Leasing
• Conduct leasing and marketing activities for prospects from first contact through lease execution, events and
• Coordinate or participate in renewal activities. 
• Ensure all marketing and leasing information is maintained accurately and timely in the company’s
information system.

RL Residence Life
• Coordinate or participate in residence life programming as determined by your RD
• Complete a monthly community newsletter
• Attend floor/building/community functions, resident council meetings/activities, and staff meetings.
• Serve as the On-Duty CA as noted on the CA Staff Schedule
• Ensure effectiveness of residence life programming.
• Resolve/mediate resident(s) conflicts.
• Provide superior customer service.
• Provide appropriate referrals to residents in need.
• Understand needs and expectations of residents and exceed them.
• Maintain effective communication with residents, parents and the University.

AD Administration
• Maintain confidentiality of company, client and resident information.
• Have and utilize your own answering machine [or cell-phone voicemail] and e-mail account.
• Check their mailboxes several times a day and respond immediately to requests from their supervisor or office

FE Facilities & Equipment
• Inspect units in accordance with established policies and procedures.
• Perform move-out inspection and assess charges to resident.
• Prepare vacant units for move-in.
• Maintain your provided apartment in a clean and welcoming manner.

HR Human Resources
• Actively participate in accomplishing the Mission of Campus Advantage.
• Adhere to and promote the Core Values of Campus Advantage.
• Understand and adhere with established Campus Advantage policies and procedures.
• Maintain a respectful workplace.
• Report time and attendance.
• Participate in professional development.
• Attend and participate in pre-move-in Staff Residence Life Training.
• Participate in methods of staff identification.

IT Information Technology
• Maintain confidentiality and security of access to company data, networks and applications.
• Utilize company technology and information systems in accordance with established policies and procedures.

LA Lease Administration
• Manage roommate matching, transfers, move-ins and terminations.  

RC Risk Control
• Provide initial response and reporting of any emergency situations to the property contact person(s).

SS Safety and Security
• Report incidents in a timely manner.
• Implement and conduct emergency procedures.
• Identify and report safety and security risks.
• Maintain a positive community environment for both residents and employees.

Perform other duties as assigned

Period of Employment
Employment as a CA begins on the designated first day of pre-service training and continues through the end of that semester or academic term or session. For example, if a CA is hired to start in August, he or she is hired until the end
of that Semester or Trimester. After this period of employment, CAs will be required to reapply to be rehired for the position for the following session or semester. During this time, continuation of employment depends on the
successful completion of assigned tasks, favorable evaluations by residents in the living area and supervisors, conduct that does not violate any rule, regulation, or policies of the University and/or the Management of this Campus
Advantage property. Additionally, CA’s must exhibit growth and continued enthusiasm for the position. Release from any position must be approved by the Resident Director and/or the Assistant General Manager and may result in
reduction or elimination of the stipend. Please review Community Assistant Conduct Procedures. CAs may be required to work during some holidays, and will be required to work during turn, which is typically before and after residents move in and leave.

Community Assistant Conduct Procedures and General Philosophy

The majority of the students selected to be Community Assistants perform their work satisfactorily and adhere to the high standards of conduct that have been established for the position. Nevertheless, occasions do arise when the
Resident Director, AGM, or the General Manager must take corrective action with respect to violations of job expectations or standards of conduct. Appeals of conduct action must be made in writing within 48 hours of receipt of
notice to the General Manager

Duty/Nights In
The number of nights a CA may be on duty will vary according to the size of the building, staff and the area. CA on Duty shifts are assigned on a rotational basis and may fall on weekdays, weekends, holidays, and vacations during
both days and evenings.
Time Off
CA’s may take a maximum of two weekends per month living away from the site for personal matters (Constituted by 8:00am Friday-8:00pm on Sunday). Weekends do not carry over to other months. Those months, which are not spent entirely on site, (i.e. August, December, January, March, and May) must be approved by the supervisor.
Course Load
All undergraduate CA’s must carry no more than eighteen (18) credit hours per semester. Any exceptions must have the approval of the Assistant General Manager. CA’s, who will be participating in student teaching, internships, or
other time consuming activities, must notify their supervisor of the commitments prior to the beginning of the semester.
Co-curricular Activities
The CA position requires a great deal of time and energy. CA’s should carefully manage their involvement in co-curricular activities. As a rule of thumb, activities that require more than 12 hours per week will generally not be
permitted. In cases where individual CA’s appear to be overextended, the supervisor will address this with them.

Academic Performance
To be hired as a CA, a cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5 at the time of application and employment, must be presented. CA’s must maintain a cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5 throughout their employment. If his/her grade point average falls below the minimum, the CA is placed on probation for one semester. If after the semester, the grade point average remains below the minimum or does not show a marked improvement as established by the
supervisor and Assistant General Manager, the CA may be removed from his or her position. A CA candidate with a cumulative GPA below 2.5 may still continue through the selection process, but will be placed in an alternate status, with the expectation that the GPA requirements will be met at the end of the semester of application.

Whether on or off duty, CA’s are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. CAs must abide by all rules, regulations, and policies of the Community, the University /College, the property and Campus Advantage. CA’s involved in any infraction of University and/or Campus Advantage policy may be subject to termination of employment. CA’s are to follow all local and sate laws on consuming alcohol/drugs and it is never allowed while or
prior to being on duty. CA’s will report to duty in a sober state of mind. 

Mid- semester Acceptance of position
If a resident accepts the position as a CA during mid semester, he/she will still be responsible for any housing payments accumulated prior to the employee’s start date. Failure to pay any previously existing fee will result in the termination of their CA position and possible eviction.

Termination of Employment
A CA who is removed from his or her position, he or she must return any ID tags, CA training materials, CA handbook, Parking Tag, Mailbox key, and Room Key as applicable.


A full-time student carrying at least 12 hours and maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

Demonstrated leadership skills. Must have lived in a student  housing environment for at least 1 semester. Ability to speak  effectively before groups of residents, on campus groups, and/or staff. Ability to solve practical problems day to day both in the office and throughout the community. Ability to work weekend and holiday hours. Ability to maintain an above average closing
ratio and resident retention average.

Skills/Knowledge – Software: Word processing, Excel, Email, Web browsing.
Skills/Knowledge – Technical: none
Certification/Licenses(s): Subject to appropriate training courses as outlined and/or instructed. 

Geographical Requirement: Live-On Travel: None %
Vehicle Requirement: None DL Requirement: None 

Part-Time, Exempt