Creative Technologist
Information Technology | San Francisco, United States

We are seeking a savvy Creative-Technologist-Maker-Extraordinaire (CTME), to join our San Francisco Team.
At DDB, the CTMEs are tasked with collaborating with creative, account, strategy and new business teams to create innovative ideas, products, services and solutions for clients.
We’re redefining what advertising teams look and act like, this role will play a key part in the development of a new non-traditional team models.  We believe technology understanding needs to be front and center. This role will help concept, build, design, make, prototype and generate ideas that are both sustainable and possible.
Do you nod enthusiastically when you read the following?
-          Advertising teams are evolving and I want to be part of this movement.
-          Creative ideas mean zip if you can’t make the idea.
-          Title does not matter, ideas and collaboration matters.
-          Non-technical co-workers are ready to learn and I’d like to help
-          Gone are the days of copywriter and art director
And, do you identify with the following?
-          I’m a hybrid generalist not a specialist
-          I have a start-up attitude and seek a creative work environment
-          I am hungry to learn, share, and dig into technology
You must be motivated to gain experience in an advertising agency environment. You have to be quick on your feet and highly collaborative. You’re a doer not a talker. Social media content, mobile and APIs feel less like work and more like a hobby.
Excellent working knowledge of:
CSS2.1 / CSS3
JavaScript / Ajax / jQuery
CSS Frameworks / Resets
Progressive Enhancement / Graceful Degradation
HTML5 APIs (Canvas, Geolocation, Video, etc.)
Understand of:
Back-end Templating languages/technologies (PHP, Ruby, .NET, etc)
Wordpress and Drupal 
Always Considering 
UX / Usability
HTML and CSS Specifications (W3C / WHATWG)
Website Speed / Performance
Cross-Browser / Cross-Platform Development
Document Object Model (DOM)
Content Strategy
HTML5 Boilerplate
YUI Library
CSS Grids

Please provide URLs for us to review work.