Lead Designer/Creative Director
Design | San Mateo, CA, United States

Job Responsibilities
  • Inspire a culture of open creativity, sharing, collaboration and most of all FUN.
  • Lead teams to coalesce around key design pillars and clearly defined gameplay loops
  • Shape the underlying IP and narrative for each of our games
  • Drive the design and creation of meta and elder game systems and game mechanics
  • Collaborate with core system based designers to insure unified game vision
  • Work closely with business and marketing teams to optimize the games profitability
  • Clearly articulate and consistently communicate the key gameplay pillars and long term retention goals to the development team
  • Own the execution of approved game content to the highest standards of quality

Experience & Skills
  • Either a minimum 2 years experience designing Free to Play persistent game services OR strong personal experience as a player of a wide variety of F2P games targeting gamers
  • 8+ years as a game designer with 4+ years as a lead game designer
  • The ability to deliver sticky and engaging session to session progression and month to month game systems
  • Thoughtful and creative around F2P Monetization systems and how they integrate into core, meta and elder game design
  • Aware, curious and thoughtful about a variety of F2P games from League of Legends to DragonVale and open to applying different design approaches across multiple games
  • Experience designing e-commerce and micro-transaction systems for online games
  • Narrative skills as a writer, character and world creator, NPC dialog, etc
  • Experience developing rule sets (character classes, enemies, skill systems, etc.)
  • Live development and post-release expertise

Additional Requirements
  • Mass-market sensibility - Rumble Games target 100M+ Players
  • Core game sensibility - Must have experience either as a designer or a consumer of high quality, synchronous multiplayer, 3D games such as console or MMO titles
  • Ability to both conceptualize and implement game ideas using various tools and technology
  • Deep knowledge of social, browser and mobile games, specifically microtransaction games
  • Desire to work on a small team in a rapid, agile environment
  • Ability to both lead and get hands-on
  • Collaborative approach to working with engineers and artists
  • Strong leader who can listen effectively and then communicate back key pillars and goals for game design
  • Proven experience to establish successful new IP in games
  • Passion for and mastery of FPS games
  • Programming knowledge
  • Strong math and Excel skills