GSN Games

Principal Software Engineer

Engineering | Waltham, MA, United States

Location: Waltham, MA

In the Infrastructure team, a Principal Software Engineer is responsible for research, development and implementation of improvements of the GSN Games infrastructure with a focus on long term scalability. Examples include designing an event processing system for user progress through a virtual casino and testing improvements to tournament infrastructure scalability.

Some key skills and experience to succeed in this role include:

  • Experience in design and implementation of scalable software systems
  • Ability to work within a small, fast paced team
  • Experience designing and documenting scalable and secure APIs for data processing
  • Ability to analyze current products and propose enhancements to stability and interoperability
  • Understanding of synchronous and asynchronous processing and where each is best used
  • Expertise in programming languages including Java, Perl, PHP, Python and JavaScript
  • Framework/Architecture design and implementation experience including storm, auto-scale and LAMP
  • Strong understanding of data storage systems including SQL, JSON and NoSQL
  • Detail oriented documentation and planning skills