GSN Games

Principal Software Engineer

Operations | Boston, MA, United States

About the Role:

Software Engineers on the Operations team are responsible for research, development and implementation of improvements of the GSN Games system infrastructure with a focus on systems integration and long-term scalability. Examples projects include design work on an event processing system processing user data and implementing improvements to tournament infrastructure auto-scaling.

Some key experience and expertise to succeed in this role include:

  • Design and documenting scalable and secure APIs for data processing
  • Ability to analyze current products and propose enhancements to stability and interoperability
  • Design and implementation of business critical scalable software system
  • Framework/Architecture design and implementation experience from LAMP to distributed stream processing
  • Expertise in one or more programming languages including Java, Perl, PHP, Python and JavaScript
  • Operations focused system administration or development experience with Linux or other Unix systems
  • Configuration management systems such as chef, puppet and salt
  • Strong understanding of data storage systems including SQL and NoSQL database
  • Experience managing systems deployed to cloud compute providers such as Google, Rackspace, or Amazon EC2
  • Implementation and management of platform services such as Beanstalk, heroku or Google app engine
  • Ability to work within a small, fast paced team
  • Detail oriented documentation and planning skills