Web Application/REST API Test Engineering Development Lead
Test Engineering | Redwood City, CA, United States

Job Title: Web Application/REST API Test Engineering Development Lead
Job Description / Position Responsibilities:
  • Serve as a Technical Lead for the Coraid EtherCloud Test Engineering software development team.
  • Work collaboratively with Product Management, User Experience and Software Development to develop a test automation strategy and execution plan with its associated frameworks.
  • Design, create, maintain and execute test automation to verify features, functions and performance of Coraid EtherCloud management solution through both a client-side JavaScript UI and a REST API
  • Review and provide feedback on User Experience designs and REST API components in order to ensure accuracy as well as ease of operation for our customers
Required Skills and Attributes:
  • 7+ years of software development experience with Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or any other object-oriented programming language
  • Previous professional experience using Selenium Web Driver with Page Objects to build an automated regression test environment
  • Professional experience with Test Driven Development and Agile software development using Scrum
  • Experience with using virtualization to improve test automation efficiency
  • Ability to lead and set technical priorities for a test automation team for a cloud storage management product
  • Strong understanding of test automation best practices and methodologies
  • Previous experience testing SaaS applications with server-side REST APIs considered a strong plus
  • Strong command-line abilities in Linux, Solaris/Illumos or OS X
  • Natural empathy and consideration of team members’ requests, spoken or not.
  • Previous start-up (or small company) experience strongly preferred.
  • Accurate prediction of task completion timelines, their complexity and possible problems.
  • An innate, heightened urgency to complete projects on time and with high quality.
  • Open communicator who can jump in (if appropriate) to help other team members
  • BS or MS Computer Science or equivalent from a highly recruited university.