Staff Engineer, RF & Microwave
Engineering | Sunnyvale, CA, United States

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Responsible for analysis, design, modeling, layout and verification of RF and millimeter-wave CMOS circuits for very high data rate integrated wireless transceivers. Duties include developing circuit topologies and performing circuit simulation of RF and mmW CMOS integrated circuits including low-noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, frequency mixers, VCOs, frequency multipliers, and power detectors; translating specifications to circuit requirements; making intelligent trade-offs amongst power consumption, chip area, and performance; performing 3-D full-wave electromagnetic design  and simulation of on-chip passive components such as inductors, transmission lines, baluns, transformers; performing layout, DRC, LVS, and parasitic extraction for circuit blocks within Cadence IC design suite; testing and characterizing circuit blocks using microwave test equipment such as vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, noise figure meters, power meters, etc.; participating in system integration and testing; working with the operations team to improve the parametric yield of the designs.
  • MS or equivalent, 7 years related experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Team player with a positive attitude