Senior UI Designer/Architect – Medical

Human Centered Design | West Newton, MA, United States

Do you find satisfaction in creating products that make a difference in peoples’ lives? Do you want to create the interfaces for the next generation of medical devices?   Continuum is seeking a UI designer to develop interactions (primarily screen-based) for medical devices and other complex equipment.  

Job Description

  • Design effective user interactions for medical devices, consumer products, and other complex devices. Able to work across platforms including embedded screens, web and mobile.
  • Design interfaces for screen and non-screen physical interactions.
  • Be able to work from rough hand sketches to fully developed architectures for complex systems.
  • Collaborate closely with experts in different domains such as design strategists, human factors experts, industrial designers, and software engineers, as well as work independently.
  • Work in medical contexts (including hospital operating rooms and ICUs, physician offices, labs, patient homes, etc.) to understand and define project needs.
  • Create frameworks such as use-cases and flowcharts to provide structure for development.
  • Design navigation structures, displays, controls, screen layouts, and symbols and icons based on user insights and understanding.
  • Author UI style guides and specifications.
  • Position requires you to meet minimum standards for gaining entrance to hospitals, including basic inoculations and tests (tuberculosis). Continuum will provide these.


  • Expert ability to translate users’ needs into architectures for interfaces for complex systems.
  • Flow diagramming skills (ex., Visio).
  • Produce screen layouts in various levels of fidelity (e.g. paper prototypes, wireframes, or Flash simulations) to support user testing.
  • Must thrive on ambiguity and constant change, keeping the end goal in mind.
  • Familiarity with medical environments and terminology.
  • Must work well on tight schedules, and be able to plan and keep the schedule.
  • Knowledge of software engineering/programming development processes is helpful.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.

Optional Skills:

  • Strong graphic, typography, and visual design skills.
  • Advanced Flash creation and scripting skills to develop high-fidelity prototypes.
  • Strong audio design skills.


  • Prior experience of designing user interfaces for medical devices required.
  • Human-Computer Interaction degree (or equivalent experience) with at least 3 years of work experience.
  • Experience with touchscreen, mobile, and web platforms required.
  • Ethnographic research skill and experience is a bonus.
  • Audio design experience is a bonus.

IMPORTANT: Online Application Process In addition to a resume and cover letter, please provide a portfolio of relevant work samples. Only applications with portfolios will be considered.