Havas Media
National Broadcast Assistant Buyer
Offline Media Buying | Boston, United States

As aNational Broadcast Assistant Buyer, you are responsible for assisting team members with the ordering, maintenance and billing of media buys. You need to acquire working knowledge of Nielsen and Arbitron rating services, and Donovan media software to better assist in buys and to further your career growth.  To be most successful at HAVAS MEDIA, you must be organized, motivated, able to prioritize, multi-task, and be exceptionally detail oriented. Reports to Broadcast team members on a daily basis; and is accountable to Media Supervisors/Account Directors on specific accounts.
  • Establish yourself as the source of information on the current status of the buys you are helping on.
  • Is responsible for updates on market conditions.
Business Character
  • Willingness to take on projects and work on them independently with direction from team members.
  • A people person. Able to work with a variety of personality types both in internally and externally (form relationships with network reps).
  • Be resilient.
  • Be driven...ready to go beyond what’s expected.
  • Is highly organized and detail oriented.
  • Is able to prioritize.
  • Is adept at multi-tasking.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Is tactful and pleasant when dealing with colleagues.
Strategic Thinking
  • Be ready to participate when there are brainstorming meetings relative to your clients.
  • Look below the surface for solutions to client and technical problems
  • Look for opportunities to add new ideas to media projects to make ordinary information more vibrant and exciting.
  • Keep an eye open for promotional ideas that would help your client
  • Stays abreast of special network information that you come across and be looking for opportunities to share that information.
  • Helps network team merchandise network media to client and other departments (sharing news such as unit rotation, spectacular rating deliveries, etc)
  • Be willing to help others with special projects.
  • Know when to ask for help.
  • Keep everyone in the loop on your client teams.
  • Work closely with Data Entry to provide monthly billing data.
  • Responsible for assisting team members in preparation of a buy.
  • Responsible for checking station contracts against buy sheets and bringing any discrepancies to the team’s attention - or know when to take care of it on your own
  • A contributor in any client-related meetings, which you are involved in.
  • Must acquire a working knowledge of all research tools and rating services to better assist the team.
  • You must display an understanding of how to execute an effective and relevant buy.  One based on product, creative and media objectives.
  • Effectively manage a substantial workload, establish the perception that everything is under control.
  • Be articulate both verbally and in writing.
  • Exhibit the ability to work independently.  Take initiative.  Be proactive
  • Conduct yourself with poise and professionalism, especially under pressure.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work productively with your team members.
  • Show ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with media representatives
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and motivation for your work and client’s marketing objectives