Experienced Business & Technology Consultant (CIN)
SEI - Cincinnati | Cincinnati, OH, United States

What are we looking for? 
We expect our consultants to deliver exceptional results through a combination of diverse, real world experience and a sense of urgency, commitment, collaboration and bias for results. We look for candidates with a demonstrated track record of success in challenging project environments, while putting the interests of their clients and team ahead of their own. 

We are actively looking for professionals with experience in our four service offerings:

  • Project Planning and Execution 
  • Software Architecture and Implementation 
  • Business Process Optimization 
  • Enterprise Information Management 

In addition to relevant work experience, we are looking for candidates who demonstrate the following professional skills:

  • Adaptability/Flexibility 
  • Sense of urgency 
  • Situational awareness 
  • Passion and commitment 
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Accountability Drive for results 
  • Bias for action 
  • Focus on continuous improvement 
  • Desire to collaborate

What do we offer?
We offer a unique employee experience that differs dramatically from the traditional consulting model. We foster an environment where consultants are empowered to participate in all aspects of the business and take ownership of their careers. We replace the hierarchical and competitive “up or out” culture of typical firms with a flat organization and transparent, merit based compensation model that provides consultants the freedom to balance professional and personal obligations. 

SEI has a local market focus, allowing our employees to pursue a challenging consulting career without adopting a road warrior lifestyle. Our delivery model is based on a concept we refer to as “Collective Value”, which allows our consultants to provide the flexibility and personal attention of a local partner, while leveraging the intellectual capital, expertise and collaborative culture of a national firm. 

We offer competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits and the opportunity to participate in a broad based employee equity program. Our consultants not only have the opportunity to contribute significantly to client success, but also play an integral role in helping us build and manage our business. 
How are we different? 
As a private organization, our priorities are based on building long-term client and employee relationships rather than focusing on arbitrary financial goals. All of our consultants are full-time employees, who share a consistent set of goals and rewards. We have a relentless focus on hiring the right people and our consultants hold themselves and their peers accountable for driving the success of our firm.
If you think the SEI experience could be a great fit for you, please click 'Apply', located below,  to submit your resume for consideration. To learn more about our organization, visit us at www.sysev.com