Software Engineer
Engineering | San Francisco, CA, United States

Here at FiveStars, we take pride that we're not your typical web company.  We’ve bridged the gap between your digital identity and all the private transaction data resting in every retail and restaurant that runs a digital cash register or point of sale.  Most major internet companies have tried and failed at this, but we’ve succeeded, and in doing so, built one of the most extensive technology stacks of any Y-Combinator company. 

Why Work at FiveStars?
  • We deploy a C-and-Python desktop stack to all 3 major OSs (Windows, Mac, Linux), compatible even with Win98 machines running 128MB RAM 
  • On top of this platform, we can auto-update as smoothly as Google Chrome while supporting a number of kernel-level integrations across all 3 platforms 
  • We’ve built a full web stack that serves detailed analytics to merchants, an end consumer dashboard, and two full APIs, one for mobile and one for desktop clients 
  • We’re deploying native apps for both Android and iPhone smartphones, adding another piece to our already complicated stack 
  • Big data -- we have proprietary access to real-time transaction data in retail and restaurant stores.  No other web company has been able to bridge this gap.  The cost comes in building an infrastructure that lets us store and analyze all this data 

  • Work across the entire web and desktop stack, from frontend to backend to database to OS 
  • Learn quickly and adapt to the rapidly changing web environment 
  • Develop expertise in 2-3 parts of our infrastructure 
  • Love to pair program and ready to learn all about agile code review and test architecture 
  • Currently pursuing or within one year of completion of a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D degree
  • Major in any of the following:  CS, EE, Physics, Math
  • Excel at structured and quantitative thinking and problem solving 
  • Love to crank out code and hack on problems in your free time 
  • Internship experience at top web/software companies 
  • Startup Experience
Perks and Benefits:
  • Be an influential member in an incredibly bright and growing team
  • Learn how to run a startup
  • Full benefits (medical, dental, and vision)
  • 401(k) and commuter benefits
  • Competitive compensation 
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Most meals catered, gym on site, and dog friendly