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Faculty & Lecturers
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Tenure Track (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Full-Time
Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology, Tenure Track (Biology) Full-Time
Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior, Sawyer Business School (Management & Entrepreneurship) Full-Time
Faculty Positions Sawyer Business School (Management & Entrepreneurship)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting Department, Sawyer Business School (Accounting) Limited Time Appointment

Professional/Administrative (Exempt)
Admission Counselor (Undergraduate Admission) Full-Time
Assessment and Technology Administrator (Career Development Center) Full-Time
Assistant Director (Moakley Center for Public Management) Full-Time
Assistant Director of Career Outreach for the College of Arts and Sciences (Career Development Center) Full-Time
Assistant Director of Career Outreach for the Sawyer Business School (Career Development Center) Full-Time
Assistant Vice Provost and Director, Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence (Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence) Full-Time
Communications Manager (Theatre Arts) Full-Time
Human Resources Partner (Human Resources) Full-Time
Senior Grant Administrator (Research and Sponsored Programs) Full-Time
Staff Counselor or Staff Psychologist (Counseling, Health and Wellness) Full-Time
Systems Administrator (Information Technology Services) Full-Time

Support Staff (Non-Exempt)
Library Assistant (Law Library) Part-Time
Office Coordinator (Business Law) Full-Time
Office Coordinator (Moakley Center for Public Management) Part-Time
Program Coordinator, Psychology Department (Psychology) Full-Time