Elance-oDesk, Inc.
Engagement Manager
Client Success | Mountain View, CA

We are in the midst of a work revolution – quality work is moving online. And Elance is where the jobs are going. We’re building the infrastructure that capture clients and freelancers’ preferences and requirements, matching jobs with the best freelancers available, and maximizing the chance of great outcomes. And that’s where you come in.

Elance is looking for seasoned account management and operations professionals to design, implement and manage complex programs for some of the world’s best known companies. This role is a unique combination of relationship management, operations and staffing, and it requires a jack/jill-of-all trades that knows how to get things done.

In this role, you will:

  • Play the “quarterback” role to the client from the time the deal is signed, through implementation, program scaling and ongoing support and maintenance. You will be the primary day-to-day contact to the client sponsor and bring in the resources needed to get the job done.
  • Work with our Solutions team to develop the ideal product configuration and service model, design the operational workflows, and then make sure they are all properly implemented.
  • Work with the recruiting team to staff the client’s program, as well as our compliance team to make sure the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.
  • Manage the ongoing program and ensure the client is getting the desired output; if not, you will lead the troubleshooting and adjustments to make sure they are happy.
  • Work with the sales and strategic account management team to identify growth opportunities within the accounts you support.
  • Provide feedback and guidance to the product team to help us evolve our enterprise platform.

To win in this role, you need:

  • Relentless attention to detail and organization. These are large, complex programs with many moving parts. You will inspire confidence in our clients by making sure everything is buttoned down, documented and under control.
  • Strong relationship and client management skills. People do business with people they like and trust. Your ability to build lasting relationships and earn the trust of our clients will be essential to their growth.
  • A natural operational mindset. Our Engagement Managers are problem solvers.  Every day you will be faced with interesting operational challenges, and success will come from your ability to break things down and putting them back together in a better way.
  • People management and leadership experience. We have programs with more than 1,400 active freelancers. When it comes to recruiting and managing people, this can’t be your first rodeo. Your management will need to be crisp, clear and direct.
  • Motivation and drive. The success of these programs is yours and yours alone. Your ability to wake up every morning fired up about how to make the world better for our customers will be essential to our growth.  We need Engagement Managers with a true ownership mentality.

Why you want this job:

  • You will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best known companies.  Current clients include Google, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Wikipedia, Dropbox, Pinterest and dozens of other world-class organizations.  
  • The day to day work is a lot of fun.  You will get to cover a lot of ground -- sales, implementation, account management, operations, recruiting, management, product and more.
  • Our team will play a key role in the company’s growth.  We are the fastest growing line of business, and we expect that growth to accelerate. Your accomplishments will be consistently recognized and truly move the needle for us.
  • Our business is where the world is headed.  All of the arrows point our direction -- companies are increasingly moving toward a more flexible work model, and workers are moving toward freelancing and remote work in droves.  We are attacking a $2 trillion contingent labor market.  Yes, that’s trillion with a “t”.

About Elance

Come work where people say “Happy Monday” and actually mean it (seriously, no joke).

A funny thing happens when your job is putting mile-wide grins on the faces of online freelancers and the businesses who hire them. You start to smile a lot yourself, knowing you’re helping people live the dream and get great work done ASAP.

You see at Elance we’re not just creating a revolutionary place for businesses to find, hire and work with online freelancers. We’re also creating a fun place to work. And to keep the good times going strong we’re always looking for amazing people ready to help the world Work Differently™.

So check out our job openings in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Europe. Then join Elance as we change how the world works, and learn why around here TGIF means “This Gig Is Fantastic.”

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